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Welcome to Matters + Minds!

This site was borne out of a desire to better understand the social and economic news published in the mainstream media, particularly within California and the US. Do you ever read a news article and think, “It sounds agreeable, but I don’t know enough about this topic to form a strong opinion. And how can I be sure that this article isn’t biased or fabricating anything?” Like many working adults, we read our news during our commutes to work, at the airport or waiting for our pick up order to be ready. We simply don’t have the time nor energy to take on a research project regarding each headline.


The articles you’ll find aren’t necessarily “news” articles, and this isn’t PolitiFact- no one is dissecting leaders’ quotes or media publications. What you’ll find are pieces that dive deeper into the general subjects making headlines, especially in the Golden State. 


All information comes from firsthand sources, public (i.e. government) databases, reports conducted by universities and other research institutions such as think-tanks. Sometimes the research also comes from media outlets such as podcasts or newspaper articles, but this is always fact-checked against other sources. Of course, no one's perfect, and the best way to divulge information is in a transparent manner with as little bias as possible.  Sources are always included at the bottom of each article, so take a look and double check them as well!